Algeria cracks down after unemployment protests

Algeria cracks down after unemployment protests: rights group
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Algerian authorities have arrested dozens of unemployed people following clashes with people protesting against joblessness
Algerian youth suffer from high rates of unemployment [Getty]

Algerian police have arrested dozens of unemployed young people in a crackdown after clashes broke out in several towns, a rights group in the north African country said on Thursday.

"The situation is worrying, with dozens of arrests, clashes and scenes of violence," Said Salhi, deputy head of the LADDH group, told AFP.

He deplored what he called the "closed door" attitude of the authorities over the recurring clashes.

"What is happening is a cry for help to the authorities to open a comprehensive political dialogue with the population," Salhi said.

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There have been clashes in the 100,000-strong southern oil town of Ouargla for a week, and young people have set tyres on fire and blocked public transport in other towns, local media reported.

Images posted on social media from Wednesday evening show clashes between unemployed people and riot police.

Despite being the capital of a district rich in hydrocarbon deposits, Ouargla also has a high level of unemployment among young people.