Another explosion at Iran steel factory caused by fire

Another explosion at Iranian steel factory caused by fire, local media reports
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06 June, 2021
Late on Saturday, a large fire and a strong explosion rocked an Iranian steel mill in Zarand, Kerman Province, in the third such incident in less than a week.
Incidents like these have become common in Iran, which in turn suspects them to be acts of sabotage. [AFP/Getty Images]

A fire broke out at dawn late on Saturday in a steel factory in the southeast of the country, causing a massive explosion, Iranian state-media has reported.

The fire started at a steel factory in the city of Zarand in the Kerman province, which, according to the town’s governor, said was caused by melted materials coming out of the furnace, according to Fars news agency.

The accident did not cause any casualties and the fire was brought under control, the governor added.

A recent series of fires and explosions across Iran have raised suspicions over whether these incidents are accidents or acts of sabotage. Iran suspects the latter and blames arch-rival Israel for being behind them.

Three days earlier, a major fire tore through the Tehran Oil Refining Company in the outskirts of the Iranian capital. Another explosion followed by a fire sank Iran’s largest naval vessel in the Sea of Oman, near it shores, on June 2.

On May 23, nine people were injured in another blast at a plant producing explosive materials in central Iran, while three days later, a pipeline explosion at a petrochemical complex near Iran's Gulf coast left one dead.

The government has not issued any official report on the cause of any of these incidents, as the Islamic Republic is gearing up to choose a president in 12 days.