Bahrain releases dozens of prisoners after Covid-19 cases

Bahrain releases dozens of prisoners after Covid-19 cases
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Protests by families of detainees in Bahrain have led to authorities releasing dozens of inmates from Jaw prison, following a reported surge of coronavirus cases in the jail.
Those released from Jaw prison include long-term political prisoners [AFP]

Dozens of Bahraini detainees, including longterm political prisoners, have been released after protests by their families following Covid-19 cases in their jail, activists said Saturday.

They said Manama authorities had vowed to release 126 prisoners and 73 other detainees but only 166 had walked out so far from the jail in Jaw, in the east of the kingdom.

They included Mohamed Jawad, 75, an uncle of prominent rights activist Nabil Rajab who has spent 10 years behind bars.

Those released are to serve out the rest of their terms under electronic tagging.

Bahraini officials say three Jaw inmates have contracted coronavirus, been isolated and that their condition is stable. A prison vaccination campaign has been completed, according to the health ministry.

But the London-based Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy says dozens of prisoners have been infected in the reportedly heavily overcrowded jail.

Since a Shia-led 2011 uprising in the Sunni kingdom put down with Saudi military support, Bahrain has outlawed opposition parties and arrested dozens of activists, sparking international criticism.

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