Bashar and Asma Al-Assad test positive for Covid-19

Bashar and Asma Al-Assad test positive for Covid-19
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08 March, 2021
Syria's president and his wife have confirmed that they tested positive for the coronavirus and will quarantine.
It is believed that Syria has been underreporting Covid-19 cases. [Getty]
Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and his wife Asma Al-Assad have tested positive for the coronavirus and will quarantine for at least two weeks. 

In a statement published by the Syrian Presidency's Twitter account, the couple had a PCR test which returned a positive result. 

"The result showed that they were infected with the virus. They are in good health and in a stable condition, and they will continue their work during their home quarantine period, which will last for two or three weeks," read the statement. 

The couple called on all Syrians to "continue to follow the precautions and precautions as much as possible" and wished for the safety and well-being of all Syrians. 

They also thanked the medical personnel in the country who are working to confront the virus. 

The Syrian regime has recorded 15,230 Covid-19 infections in regime held areas and 1,001 deaths, however, the true number of infections is expected to be far higher. 

Reports circulated at the end of last month that thousands of vaccine doses had arrived in the country following a deal between Israel and Russia.

It was claimed that Israel secretly agreed to purchase hundreds of thousands of Moscow's vaccines for Damascus as part of a prisoner exchange deal between it and Syria.

Syria has been engulfed in war for ten-years leading to the displacement of around half the country and deaths of 500,000 people, mostly civilians from regime attacks.

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