BDS calls to boycott Nas Daily citing 'normalisation agenda'

BDS calls to boycott campaign by Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily citing 'normalisation agenda'
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15 September, 2020
Arab influencers and content creators should boycott the Next Nas Daily training program offered by the famous Arab-Israeli vlogger, BDS said in a statement.
The academy is 'headed by an Israeli settler and funded by the UAE' [Facebook]
The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement urged a boycott of training offered by popular Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily, claiming the program aims to encourage normalisation with Israel.

The Next Nas Daily training program, offered through the famous vlogger's "Nass Academy" aims to train 80 Arab content creators who receive wages to produce videos for six months.

In a statement released on Monday, BDS said the program, which includes Israelis among the supervising and training staff, is funded by the UAE New Media Academy recently founded by Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashed.

"This support by the authoritarian Emirati regime constitutes an explicit complicity in the Israeli efforts to invade the minds of our people," the BDS wrote, claiming the academy aims to "whitewash the crimes of occupation and apartheid."

The academy was also accused of encouraging Arab youth to normalise with Israel and embrace the so-called UAE-Israel "peace deal" that has angered Palestinians.

Known as Nas Daily, Nuseir Yassin has created over 1,000 1-minute videos posted on his Facebook page with over 17 million followers.

The BDS has accused him of producing videos that "broadcasts soft, normalised content".

"Nas Daily, through its content, tries to portray the conflict with the Israeli enemy as if it is a struggle between two parties of equal force, deliberately ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people, chiefly the right of return," the BDS wrote.

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The group alleged that Israel was allocating money to promote normalisation under the cover of non-political media content.

The call to boycott drew virtual crowds of BDS supporters to Nas Daily's Arabic page on Facebook, leaving comments about the group's decision under his videos and pledging their commitment.

"The least I could do for the Palestinian cause is to withdraw from this page. Palestine will remain my cause until it is liberated! What the people of Gaza are going through is sufficient to know the nature of the Zionist entity," one person commented on a video.

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