British Bake Off's Ali Imdad 'racially abused' on bus

British Bake Off former contestant Ali Imdad 'racially abused' on Birmingham bus
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22 December, 2020
32-year-old Ali Imdad, who appeared on the fourth season of The Great British Bake Off, has posted a video showing him receiving shocking racial abuse on a bus in Birmingham.
Ali Imdad alleges that the bus driver asked him to get off the bus [Twitter]
A Muslim former contestant of a UK television baking competition has shared a video that showed him being subjected to racial abuse on a bus in the city of Birmingham.

Ali Imdad, who appeared on the fourth series of The Great British Bake Off and is of Pakistani heritage, can be heard in the video being told by a woman passenger that Asian people are "everywhere", and asked for his contribution to "the country".

"What have you done to the country? All these bombings…people like you," the woman says in the video posted to his official Twitter account.

The 32-year-old is asked if his parents were "born in this country" and responds, before being called a "liar" by the woman.

The incident, which allegedly occurred on the West Midlands service from Birmingham city centre, has been reported to local police.

The video has been widely shared on social media.

In a caption to the video, Imdad said that driver of the bus threatened to remove him after he challenged the woman.

"In a packed bus, no one said a thing," he wrote.

National Express, who run the service, said they will investigate the incident and will offer CCTV to help a police probe.

In comments to MailOnline, Imdad said: "It is so infuriating – I am just trying to get home.

"Just for existing, just because my skin pigments are slightly darker than hers, I am not only victimised I am made to feel like I am the criminal by being told to get off the bus because I am defending my human rights."

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