Britons land in Sharm El-Sheikh after flight restrictions lifted

UK flight lands in Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh after five-year restrictions are lifted
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17 February, 2020
British tourists arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh for the first time in five years after a deadly 2015 airline bombing forced the UK to halt flights to the resort town.
The tourists were greeted with a reception featuring cocktails, flowers and music [Getty]
British tourists arriving on one of the first flights from the UK to Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh on Monday were greeted with celebrations after restrictions following a 2015 airline terror attack were lifted, according to media reports.

The travellers, who arrived on a TUI flight from Gatwick, were met with fire engines spraying water over the aircraft and a reception with cocktails, flowers and music.

The UK lifted restrictions on flights to the resort town in October, with TUI, the UK's biggest travel company, announcing a resumption of flights last year.

The restrictions were implemented in November 2015 after the bombing of a Russian airliner shortly after take-off from Sharm El-Sheikh airport. 

The attack killed all 224 people on board, mainly Russian travellers. The UK ended up repatriating approximately 16,000 tourists.

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The UK's Department for Transport said the decision to reinstate commercial flights was due to "improvements in security procedures at the airport, and close co-operation between the UK and Egypt on aviation security".

EasyJet announced it would also resume flights to Sharm El-Sheikh this year.

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