Erdogan [AFP/Getty]
The protocol will permit Turkey to increase dealings in national currency, which should bolster central bank holdings.
Iraq’s oil sector is reportedly rebounding [Getty]
Iraq’s oil sector is rebounding after a catastrophic year triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, with key investment projects on the horizon, Iraq's oil minister said. But he also warned that an enduring bureaucratic culture of fear threatens
Gold - GETTY
The find is estimated to be worth around $1.2 billion, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said.
Iran flag
The US has announced that three individuals and two businesses have had sanctions lifted, but that the move is not related to ongoing talks.
While no one vaccine certification system has yet been universally accepted or recognised, IATA's travel pass has gained popularity among the Gulf's giant carriers, including Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways.
Damascus Traffic
Parking in Damascus is now controlled by a private company, who have told business owners that they must pay to park their vehicles.
A man looking at a phone in front of a laptop
Websites belonging to the White House, British Government and global media firms were hit by outages.
Protests in Oman, 2011
Oman has been hit by protests over high unemployment, with efforts to placate growing anger of the country's economic woes.
Dubaicoin is a new cryptocurrency [Getty]
A new cryptocurrency that has seen an explosion in gains in just 24 hours has been accused of being a scam.
Oman military
The coronavirus pandemic has hit Oman's tourism industry hard, increasing unemployment levels in the country.