Cryptocurrency mining has been blamed for power cuts across Iran [Getty]
President Hassan Rouhani has announced a four month ban on cryptocurrency mining, which has been blamed for a string of power cuts in Iran.
Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn spoke before French judicial investigators in Beirut ahead of further questioning next week.
Pizza Hut -- Getty
The dollar crisis in Lebanon has left the giant pizza chain unable to access imports required to make its products, forcing it to close its restaurants across the country.
Iran oil
Anticipated Iranian oil exports had pushed prices down, but disagreements over the inspection of sites has given a bump to markets.
'Pillar', which has been downloaded 20,000 times since going live on May 1, was designed following a backlash among Muslims over allegations that Muslim Pro had sold user location data that later reached US government agencies.
Foreigners currently can own only 49% of a business venture in the UAE [Getty]
The UAE has announced that it will allow foreigners to fully own enterprises beginning on June 1, changing a long-standing law that only permitted them to own 49% of businesses.
At the sidelines of a travel industry conference in Dubai, Egypt's tourism minister said his country was prioritising vaccination of tourism workers and is on track to announce the full inoculation of two resort areas this month.
sudan street
Sudan announced that it has secured a loan from the UK, Sweden, and Ireland to clear long-standing debts to the African Development Bank.
saudi construction
The giant Saudi Bin Laden construction company, founded by Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s father, survived the fallout of September 11 but declined under Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Tamar gas field - GETTY
Delek Drilling have hailed the potential deal as part of a 'strategic alignment in the Middle East'.