Daughter of British aid worker meets alleged IS killer

Daughter of British aid worker murdered by IS comes face-to-face with father's alleged killer
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22 November, 2021
The daughter of a British aid worker who was murdered by Islamic State (IS) members in 2014 went to the US to see her father's alleged killer in person.
David Haines was killed by members of the Islamic State group in Syria in 2014 [source: Getty]

The daughter of a British aid worker murdered by the Islamic State [IS] group has described the moment she looked at her father's alleged killer in the eyes. 

David Haines, 44, from Perth Scotland was murdered in Syria in 2014 by a gang of IS militants nicknamed "The Beatles" due to their British accents. 

Bethany Haines, 24, travelled to the US to where El Shafee Elsheikh, an IS gang member from London, is on trial and saw him in court in Virginia for the first time last week. 

"I was surprised by my reaction to being in the same room as him," said Bethany to ITV

"Instead of expected rage, I felt nothing but pure disgust," she said. 

"We clapped eyes on one another, and it quickly became a competition to see who would look away first. I was certain that he had worked out who I was and why I was there," Bethany added. 

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Elsheikh has been charged with multiple offences related to the capture and beheading of four US hostages killed by the militants. 

However, he is not standing trial for Haines' murder. 

Bethany said she was shocked to find out that a classified US Department of Defence document exists in which Elsheikh gives specific details of her father's killing. 

She has been searching for these details for years and even travelled to Syria to find out more. 

"At least answers are out there and it’s only a matter of time until I can finally resolve some of my long-awaited questions regarding what happened to my father," said Bethany. 

"I am prepared to fight even harder for it and to look in the face of evil once more," she said. 

Other members of the so-called IS 'Beatles' gang have either appeared in court in London, died, or been jailed.