Death of teenage Egyptian footballer triggers 'neglect' accusations

Death of teenage Egyptian footballer on pitch triggers 'neglect' accusations due to absence of ambulance
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26 January, 2021
Seventeen-year-old Mohammed Hani Al-Kuri died while playing a match with his football club in Alexandria.
The 17-year-old died on the pitch [Twitter]
A young Egyptian footballer has died during a match, local media reported, triggering accusations of medical negligence.

Mohammed Hani Al-Kuri, a player with Egypt's El-Sikkah football team, swallowed his tongue after fainting mid-match at Al-Nahhas stadium in Alexandria.

The death sparked anger among locals who said an ambulance should have been present at the game, as per football league rules.

"We urge that all players and staff members across all ages, whether junior or senior, be trained in rescue and first aid. Rescuing a player is very easy but is required at speed. We also demand all clubs be equipped with an ambulance service that is prepared for every game," one Twitter user said.

Another social media user said: "The club manager should be held accountable for negligence."

However, speaking on the death, Dr Muhammed Sultan, the chairman of the Football Association Medical Committee, said this is already stipulated in the rules.

"There are clear instructions not to kick off any matches across all leagues and ages without the presence of an ambulance," Dr. Sultan said.

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"The referee is supposed to cancel the match in the absence of an ambulance. This is stipulated in the regulations for competitions," he added.

El-Sikkah postponed all matches after declaring at least three days of mourning for the deceased 17-year-old.

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