Egypt arrests female chef after she served 'genitalia-shaped' desserts

Egypt arrests female chef after she served 'genitalia-shaped' desserts at exclusive women's club
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19 January, 2021
Egyptians were left outraged after images emerged online showing a group of women celebrating with genitalia-shaped desserts.
The images surfaced online [Twitter]

Egypt’s top religious authority has been forced to intervene in a case that saw women at a party eating genitalia-shaped desserts and led to the arrest of a pastry chef.

Dar Al-Iftaa, which issues religious fatwas or edicts published a statement forbidding the circulation of images that showed a group of women eating the sweets.

“The publication of nude pictures, sweets and various products with sexual connotations is forbidden and criminalised by law,” the statement said.

“It is an attack on the value system and a blatant offence to all components of society,” the statement added.

Egyptians were left outraged after the images surfaced online, prompting authorities to swiftly intervene.

The group of women were celebrating a private party at the Egyptian Al Jazeera Sports Club at the time the images were taken.

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Egypt’s security services quickly moved to arrest the pastry chef who said the design of the desserts were specifically requested by the clients.

She was charged with manufacturing food that contained explicit sexual connotations and was fined 5,000 Egyptian pounds, according to local Al-Watan.

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