Egypt denies plans for a Palestinian state in Sinai

Egypt denies plans for a Palestinian state in Sinai
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18 February, 2017
Egyptian foreign ministry says the idea has 'never' been a point of discussion, while emphasising Cairo's commitment to a two-state solution.
Egypt stressed that Sinai is sovereign Egyptian territory [AFP]
Egypt's foreign ministry late on Thursday denied reports of a proposal to establish a Palestinian state in the restive Sinai Peninsula, saying the idea "has never been a point of discussion between any Egyptian and foreign officials".

The statement was made to the privately owned DMC television channel by ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid, who insisted that the peninsula is sovereign Egyptian territory.

Abu Zeid added that Egypt's stance on the two-state solution is "clear and known to all parties", emphasising Cairo's committment to the proposed settlement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"It satisfies the aspirations of the Palestinian people of establishing an independent state on their own land with East Jerusalem as its capital," he said, highlighting that "the negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis is what will determine the agreement".

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday also dismissed the claim that he would be discussing a Palestinian state in Sinai with US President Donald Trump.

The claim about the alleged plan was made by Ayoub Kara, an Israeli minister minister without portfolio in the prime minister's office, on Wednesday.

"This idea was not even a point of discussion during the meeting; everything mentioned in this matter are false claims," Netanyahu told reporters in Washington on Thursday.

He added that Israel considers Egypt a key player in the maintenance of security and stability in the Middle East.