Egyptian conscripts injured in IED blast in Sinai

Egyptian conscripts injured in IED blast in Sinai
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22 June, 2016
Egyptian soldiers were wounded when a patrol ran over a home-made bomb near the Rafah border on Wednesday.
A counter-insurgency in Sinai has targeted Egyptian security forces [Getty]
An Egyptian officer and three army conscripts were wounded on Wednesday evening when military armoured vehicles were targeted in Rafah, northern Sinai.  

Local sources told The New Arab that the vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device south of Rafah.

The news comes as military vehicles in Sinai continue to be targeted, according to locals.  

Egypt has been battling insurgent groups that rose to prominence following the coup that toppled President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Some Sinai militant groups pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group leadership based in Syria and Iraq in November 2014.

The military says it has killed more than 1,000 militants, occasionally publishing pictures of their bodies.

Sinai residents have long complained of shortages of goods, arbitrary arrests by security forces, home demolitions and civilian deaths in air raids against militants.