Egyptian ‘tortures his brother to death’ over 15 dollars

Egyptian man ‘tortures his brother to death’ over 15 dollars
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30 December, 2019
An Egyptian man and his two uncles have been arrested after they beat and electrocuted his brother to death over a matter of 15 dollars, a pro-government site reports.
Security forces arrested three men over the murder [Getty]
An Egyptian man and two of his uncles have confessed to killing the man’s brother over a matter of 250 Egyptian pounds (US$15) in a horrific way, the pro-government Egyptian news website Youm7 reported on Sunday.

The 25-year-old-man, identified only as Karim H.S., and his uncles, 44-year-old Hazem S.A. and Amr S.A. said that they had tied up Karim’s brother, identified only as 20-year-old Ahmed H.S., with a plastic cable and then administered shocks with an electric cable before beating him with a piece of scrap metal until he fell unconscious, the news website said.

Ahmed later died on the way to hospital. The incident took place in the Manshiyet Nasser area of Cairo.

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Ahmed worked in a shop selling oils, according to Youm7 and received a monthly salary of 2,250 Egyptian pounds (US$140), which he would hand over to his uncles and brother every month. However, in December he reportedly only gave them 2,000 Egyptian pounds (US$125), saying that his employer had confiscated the rest because he had arrived late at work.

The three men proceeded to tie him up, electrocute, and beat him, according to Youm7.

Egyptian security forces arrested the men after receiving a hospital report saying that Ahmed had signs of electrical shock on his body, according to Youm7. They found the plastic cable, the electrical cable, and the piece of scrap metal hidden in a tree.

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