A model oil pump with miniature barrels in the background
Emirati energy sites are reportedly being surveilled by drones made by Israeli firm Percepto, in part to help with security.
Lebanon's central bank said the over $800 million spent on fuel in the last month 'proves the necessity of moving... to supporting citizens directly'.
President Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan criticised the world's major oil producers for what he said were insufficient increases in production as economies recover from the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Qatar Airways [GC images]
Qatar Airways was ordered by national regulators to ground 13 of its Airbus A350 aircraft over the rapid degradation of fuselage surfaces.
American gas company
Oil revenue represents at least 95 percent of Iraq's income.
Iraq oil -- AFP
A deal between Iraq and Lebanon will allow the two nations to swap a million tonnes of fuel oil in exchange for medical services.
Saudi Aramco that company data had been leaked from one its contractors, but said it had 'no impact' on the oil giant's operations
hormuz iran
Iran has opened its first oil export terminal outside the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a chokepoint patrolled by US warships, President Hassan Rouhani has announced
The oil firm did not say which of its contractors found itself affected by the leak, nor whether that contractor had been hacked or if the information leaked out another way.
The oil titan began looking at its portfolio in 2020, establishing a group to do so not long after a sink in the oil market caused by Covid-19, according to reports.