EU expresses concern for Palestine over Trump's deal

EU expresses concern for Palestine over Trump's 'Deal of the Century'
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04 February, 2020
The European Union on Tuesday rejected US President Donald Trump's proposal for securing peace in the Middle East and expressed concern about Israel's plans to annex more Palestinian land.
Jerusalem is a central part of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict [Getty]
The European Union on Tuesday rejected US President Donald Trump's controversial 'Deal of the Century' peace proposal, and expressed concern about Israel's plans to annex more Palestinian land.

Trump's plan, which was unveiled last week, falls far short of minimal Palestinian demands and would leave sizable chunks of the occupied West Bank in Israeli hands, perpetuating the illegal occupation.

In a statement, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell underlined the bloc's commitment to a two-state solution, based along the 1967 lines, with the possibility of mutually agreed land-swaps, made up of the state of Israel and "an independent, democratic, contiguous, sovereign and viable state of Palestine."

Borrell said the US initiative "departs from these internationally agreed parameters".

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"To build a just and lasting peace, the unresolved final status issues must be decided through direct negotiations between both parties," Borrell said. "This includes notably the issues related to borders, the status of Jerusalem, security and the refugee question".

Trump's plan was welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has dismissed it as "nonsense" and called Trump "a dog and a son of a dog" in reaction to the deal.

Netanyahu has said he wants to move forward with plans to annex West Bank territory.

"We are especially concerned by statements on the prospect of annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank," Borrell said.

He suggested that the EU might consider legal action by saying that any "steps towards annexation, if implemented, could not pass unchallenged."

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