'Fiercest clashes' as Syria army advances with Russian support

'Fiercest clashes' as Syria army advances with Russian support
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12 October, 2015
Syrian regime, backed by Russian airstrikes, have advanced into the centre of the country, sparking fierce clashes, as Moscow's air force strikes '53 targets in the last 24 hours'.
The regime, along with Russian warplanes, are shelling parts of Hama [Getty]

Syrian regime forces backed by Russian airstrikes advanced in the centre of the country on Monday, sparking the fiercest clashes with rebels, as Moscow's military says its air force has struck 53 targets in Syria in last 24 hours.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said regime forces had entered the village of Kafr Nabuda in Hama province as they press an operation on both sides of the highway between the capital Damascus and second city Aleppo.


"Regime forces captured the southern district of Kafr Nabuda backed by more than 20 Russian airstrikes," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman.

"The clashes are the fiercest since the Russian air campaign began on September 30."

Syrian government forces appear to be targeting the town of Khan Sheikhun, which lies on the strategic highway, just across the provincial border in neighbouring Idlib.

Many of Russia's airstrikes so far have been focused on the area where the borders of Hama, Idlib and Latakia provinces meet.

Latakia province on the Mediterranean coast is a stronghold of the regime and the location of President Bashar al-Assad's ancestral village.

Idlib province is controlled by a powerful rebel alliance called the Army of Conquest which includes al-Qaeda affiliate a-Nusra Front.

In recent months, the alliance has sought to expand from Idlib into Hama and the strategic Sahl al-Ghab plain between the three provinces in a bid to target Latakia.

Abdel Rahman said the rebels were sending reinforcements to Kafr Nabuda to battle the regime, which was also shelling other parts of Hama and Latakia provinces.

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