Five 'arrested for cross-dressing' in Saudi Arabia: report

Five 'arrested for cross-dressing' in Saudi Arabia: report
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25 October, 2021
The men allegedly dressed in women's clothing, filmed themselves and posted it on social media. They face imprisonment, according to Saudi law, which prohibits cross-dressing.

Cross-dressing is a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia [Getty file photo]

Five Saudi men have been reportedly arrested after 'cross-dressing' and walking on the streets in the Northern Borders province, bordering Iraq and Jordan, Gulf media reported on Monday.

The men were caught after they recorded themselves and posted it on social media, Gulf News said.

"What the men did was inconsistent with the public morals of society," a spokesperson for the Northern Borders Police said, according to the report.

Cross-dressing is an offence in Saudi Arabia, where it is punishable by imprisonment, fines or deportation for foreigners.

In 2009, Saudi authorities arrested 67 men in Riyadh for reportedly wearing women's clothing, according to Saudi daily Al-Riyadh.

The police said they found more women's clothing, cosmetics, and alcohol. While Saudi law prohibits possession of alcohol, the reports indicated that it was the men's dress that prompted the police to conduct the raid and make the arrests.