France 'to ban Algerian flags' at weddings

France 'to ban Algerian flags' at weddings
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13 April, 2021
France is seeking to ban foreign flags at weddings under a new amendment of the controversial 'anti-separatism' bill, which critics say unfairly targets Algerian-French.
The Algerian flag may be banned at weddings in France [Getty]
France is looking to ban foreign flags at weddings in what is being described as another provocative act against its Muslim and Algerian population.

If the law passed, foreign flags would not be permitted to be raised at marriage ceremonies held in public buildings to defend "republican values", according to reports.

Many see the bill as targeting France's Muslim population, with the Algerian flag sometimes displayed at weddings to reflect the heritage of the bride or groom.

Although the bill does not specifically mention the Algerian flag some legislators were more candid.

"If Algerians are happy to be in France, let them show it with a French flag," said one legislator when asked about the amendment.

French legislator, Henri Leroy, said of Algerians who hold wedding ceremonies in public buildings, "they invade the place noisily without any respect".

"In France, the town hall is the symbol of our identity. It is therefore logical that only our flag flies there," he said, according to French media.

France has enacted a raft of secular measures as part of its controversial "anti-separatism" bill. Legislators claim the law will create a better sense of French nationalism without targeting any religious or ethnic group.

Rights groups have slammed the bill as unfairly targeting France's Muslim population.

The bill has created legal grounds to ban hijab-wearing women from accompanying children on school trips and could also prevent women from wearing burkinis, a form of swimwear which covers the entire body.

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