Gaza to vaccinate people with third dose against Covid-19

Hamas-run Gaza health ministry urges Palestinians to get third Covid-19 vaccine shot
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07 October, 2021
The Gaza health ministry announced on Thursday that it is ready to vaccinate residents with the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.
Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry has called for people to come forward to receive a third vaccine shot [Getty]

GAZA: The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry announced on Thursday that it is ready to vaccinate Palestinian residents with the third dose against the coronavirus

The health ministry said in a press statement that anyone who has received a second dose of the coronavirus more than six months ago is entitled to a booster shot.

It called for the elderly, in particular, to come forward and receive a third dose of the vaccine, to reduce their chances of being hospitalised from the disease.

Majdi Dheir, the head of the preventive medicine department in Gaza, stressed the importance of getting a booster shot.

"Receiving the third dose is of great importance as it significantly reduces the possibility of infection with the deadly virus and reducing the chances of the infection's recurrence, as well as achieving a herd immunity," Dheir said in a statement.

He called on Palestinians in the besieged enclave to continue taking precautions to avoid the spread of new strains of the virus. 

In August, the health ministry reported the first cases of the Delta Covid-19 variant adding strain on hospitals in Gaza.

The Israeli-blockaded coastal enclave is suffering from a serious deterioration of its health facilities amid a lack of medicine and equipment. 

On Thursday, the health ministry reported 728 new Covid-19 infections over the last 24 hours, including seven deaths.

It brought the total number of infections in Gaza to 175,092 cases and more than 1,439 people have died from the disease.