German-Iraqi mother 'harassed by armed men' in Hebron

German-Iraqi mother seeking custody of child 'harassed by armed men' in Hebron
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04 September, 2020
In a video shared widely on social media, Maryam Al-Azzawi condemned the Palestinian authorities for failing to protect her after she was reunited with her child.
The video of Maryam Al Azzawi describing her ordeal has been shared widely [Facebook]
A German woman of Iraqi descent has lashed out against Palestinian authorities for failing to protect her from armed men who pursued her after she was reunited with her young child, Ultra Palestine report.

In a video circulating on social media, Maryam Al-Azzawi explains that she met her former husband, a Palestinian man, in Germany, noting the couple had a 3-year-old child together.

Following their separation, Al-Azzawi claims that a German court granted her legal custody over her child. She also alleged the child was 'abducted' by their father and taken to the West Bank city of Hebron.   

Coronavirus travel restrictions hampered her attempts to reunite with her child, she explained in the video. On arrival in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, she allegedly reached out to relatives of her husband's family to request access to the child. Her attempts to reunite with the child failed, she said. 

Al-Azzawi then applied for contact hours at a local court. The five-hour reunion took place at a police station under heavy security presence, she described.

When she left, Al-Azzawi said that she was pursued by "armed men" who she believes likely have links to the child's father.

Al-Azzawi accused Palestinian authorities of failing in their duty to protect her. "I feel like my rights have been taken away and that no one can protect me" she said in the video which has been shared widely on social media.

According to a source who spoke to Ultra Palestine, Al-Azzawi has continued to face harassment and intimidation from people she believes are associates of her former husband in Hebron.

The German embassy has reportedly been alerted to the case.

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