Germany gives UNRWA millions to rebuild Lebanon refugee camp

Germany gives UNRWA €25m to rebuild Lebanon refugee camp, improve Gaza water facilities
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25 November, 2021
UNRWA partnerships head Karim Amer called Germany's long-time support 'proof that Palestinian refugees and UNRWA can count on Germany in the most troubled times'.
The Nahr al-Bared refugee camp was severely devastated by fighting in 2007 [Getty]

Germany will give 25 million euros (US$28 million) in aid for Palestinian refugees living in the besieged Gaza Strip and crisis-stricken Lebanon.

The money comes via the KfW Development Bank after deals reached with the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the United Nations agency which assists Palestinian refugees.

The German assistance includes 10 million euros (US$11.2 million) to further the rebuilding of Lebanon's Nahr El-Bared refugee camp, which was devastated in 2007 after fighting between Lebanon's security forces and a Palestinian Islamist group, UNRWA announced.

Nearly 21,000 refugees are waiting to move back to Nahr El-Bared, and Germany's latest aid package means that around 192 families will be able to return.

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UNRWA partnerships head Karim Amer added: "On behalf of the Agency, I would like to express my gratitude to Germany for the generous steadfast support over the years to UNRWA and Palestinian refugees.

"The support provided over the years is proof that Palestinian refugees and UNRWA can count on Germany in the most troubled times."

He highlighted that Germany has so far given a total of 56 million euros (US$62.8 million) towards rebuilding Nahr El-Bared.

The latest funding from Berlin additionally means repairs to and an increased availability of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for Gaza's refugee community, helping cut disease transmission.

"Germany will remain a reliable partner to UNRWA and its essential work to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees. Supporting their dignified living conditions in Gaza remains a key priority of the German Government," said acting German diplomatic chief in Ramallah, Michael Herold.

Germany was UNRWA's biggest contributor last year, having given 182 million euros. It is estimated that it will be the second largest in 2021, donating around 127 million euros.