Healthworkers in north Lebanon protested, holding up signs saying "No electricity = No hospital" [Getty]
Hospitals in the north Lebanon region of Akkar, where a fuel tank explosion killed 28 people this week, are struggling to operate amid life-threatening power cuts and fuel shortages
Iran Covid masks [AFP/Getty]
The health ministry announced the deaths of a record 655 coronavirus patients in the preceding 24 hours, with more than 41,000 new cases recorded.
One of Lebanon’s top hospitals warned on Saturday that it will be forced to shut off ventilators and other lifesaving equipment in less than 48 hours amid fuel shortages.
The government said in June it aims to vaccinate 40% of the 100 million population by the end of this year.
Leading the way for Africa's most vaccinated country, Morocco expands its campaign to younger people amid a recent surge in new cases.
Last week, the United States marked over 110 million doses donated and shipped around the world.
A health ministry statement said that one million out of four million doses ordered from Pfizer had so far been received.
Naftali Bennett -- AFP
Israel is to require Covid-19 tests for children as young as three to enter schools, pools, hotels and gyms as coronavirus surges.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said "part of the problem is lack of observance of health protocols by the people," and called on the public to be more careful.
Turkey covid
Daily cases have surged from a low of just over 4,000 in early July to over 20,000 for the last two weeks.