'Coronavirus has taken a terrible toll on our country and today the number of deaths recorded has reached 150,000', Boris Johnson tweeted.
In the past seven days, 34 countries have recorded their highest number of weekly cases since the start of the pandemic
As the Moroccan kingdom is facing the highly contagious Omicron wave, health authorities authorizes Merck anti Corvid pills to fill a gap in the coronavirus treatment, hoping to control the epidemiological situation in the country and avoid the worse
Morocco's ministry of education closed lately at least 4 schools after detecting dozens of Covid-19 infections among students.
turkey coronavirus - NurPhoto
Turkey on Wednesday reported its highest number of daily Covid-19 infections since the start of the pandemic
Naftali Bennett
Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Tuesday that an Israeli study indicated that four coronavirus vaccinations were "safe" and increased antibodies "fivefold".
Covid-19 spread
The WHO said it was seeing 'more and more studies pointing out that Omicron is infecting the upper part of the body' - and therefore causes milder symptoms than other variants.
Turkey Omicron
The highly transmissible coronavirus variant Omicron is surging across Turkey as the country reels from an economic crisis.
The Kuwaiti foreign ministry said citizens should 'delay their trips' generally and, in particular, to France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a televised address on Sunday that Israel would this week begin loosening curbs on international travel even as Omicron-fuelled cases spiral.