Hezbollah pondering withdrawal from Syria, Lebanese political ally reveals

Hezbollah pondering withdrawal from Syria, Lebanese political ally and ex-minister reveals
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14 September, 2020
Iran-backed Hezbollah may pull deployed in Syria, the FPM leader said.
Hezbollah has not publicly responded to Bassil's comments [Getty]
Lebanon's former Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said on Sunday that Hezbollah was considering withdrawing from Syria, and called on Lebanese people to support the alleged decision.

Bassil, who heads Lebanon's Free Patriotic Movement party allied with Hezbollah, reaffirmed his party's support for "Lebanon's neutrality" in foreign conflicts in a press conference.

"[Hezbollah] certainly began to think of returning from Syria and [attending to its own matters] and we as Lebanese must embrace and support such a decision," Bassil said, according to Arabi21

Within the same context, Bassil said Lebanon had had enough of neighbouring countries' problems.

"The capacity of the Lebanese to bear the consequences of the problems of others has reached its limit," the FPM leader said.

Hezbollah did not officially respond to the comments made by Bassil, whose party allied with the Shia duo Hezbollah and Amal Movement in support of former premier Hassan Diab's government. 

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The former minister also reiterated his party's refusal to participate in a new Lebanese government.

Hezbollah has been a major actor in Syria's civil war since 2012 and has deployed thousands of operatives to fight alongside the regime of President Bashar al-Assad with support from Iran.

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