Hizballah execute two for trying to feed starving Syrians

Hizballah execute two for trying to feed starving Syrians
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10 February, 2016
Hizballah and regime militias have executed two residents of Madaya after they caught them attempting to leave the area to collect food, local sources told The New Arab.
Hizballah has executed two residents of the besieged Syrian city of Madaya, after arresting them as they attempted to escape the area to collect food, according to local sources.

Those killed were understood to be named Rateb, aged 40, and Basel, aged 27.

Sources suggest "the two regularly went looking for food with assistance from someone from the regime forces".

However on that night there were different soldiers on guard who arrested and later killed the two, burying them alive under heavy stones.

This is the third such incident reported of people being arrested attempting to leave the besieged city during the past two months.

Since the Syrian regime imposed a siege on opposition-held Madaya last July, the city has witnessed a humanitarian disaster, with food and medical supplies unable to enter the city.

The aid group has said that since aid convoys finally reached the area last month, at least 16 people have died and at least 33 others were in danger of dying of malnutrition.

Last month a pregnant woman trying to escape was reportedly shot dead by Hizballah fighters supporting the Assad troops' siege of the city.

Many have tried to leave the town to escape starvation and have been shot or maimed in the process.

"We have 15 cases of amputated legs from people trying to leave," Abu Hassan, a member of the opposition council for Madaya told The New Arab. "There are around 6,000 landmines surrounding the town."