Imran Khan makes trip to Saudi following Aramco attacks

Pakistan's Imran Khan meets MbS in Saudi Arabia following Aramco strikes
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20 September, 2019
Pakistan's Imran Khan met with Saudi King Salman and expressed support after the Aramco attack.
Imran Khan and King Salman met in Jeddah [Getty]

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed support for Saudi Arabia during a snap visit to the kingdom on Thursday.

During a meeting with Saudi King Salman in Jeddah, Khan condemned the attack on Aramco plants earlier this month.

Khan and his wife Bushra Begum arrived to Saudi Arabia for the official visit and to perform Umrah pilgrimage where he was allowed to enter the holy Kaaba.

Meanwhile, the Riyadh government allowed journalists to enter the scene of destruction at Aramco.

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The state-owned company flew in dozens of journalists, both local and foreign, on an Aramco jet to see the aftermath of the attacks which have ratcheted up tensions in the tinderbox region.

Thick metal piping was badly warped and peppered with shrapnel during the aerial strikes and lay strewn around the area of the attack.

The US has blamed Iran for the attacks, which have been claimed by Tehran-backed Yemeni rebels, condemning them as an "act of war" which knocked out half the kingdom's oil production.