Iran Olympic basketball team held over 'unauthorised food'

Iran Olympic basketball team detained at Tehran airport over 'unauthorised food items'
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The Iranian Tokyo Olympics basketball team allegedly had 46 'unauthorised food items' at a Tehran airport.
The basketballers were stopped at Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport [Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty]

The Iranian Tokyo Olympics basketball team was detained at an airport in Tehran, accused of having "unauthorised food items".

They were stopped by security at Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport on Tuesday, Iranian outlets reported.

The team had been in Japan, where they were readying themselves for the upcoming Olympic Games with three friendly matches.

It was said that 46 or more such "unauthorised food items" were located in their baggage, spread between them.

The team was then brought into custody over the items.

Most of the detained were set free within hours following the National Olympic Committee's decision to step in.

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Three players and supporting member of staff were bailed for the sum of 20 million tomans ($4,750), according to Anadolu.

Specifics about what happened have not currently been released by Iran's basketballing authorities.

The New Arab reached out to the Islamic Republic of Iran Basketball Federation and the Iranian embassy in London, however did not receive a response by the time of publishing.

On Wednesday, Mehdi Alinejad, the nation's deputy sports minister, was reported to have revealed the formation of a committee to investigate.

The Iranian basketball team has found itself in a similar situation in the past, when they were reportedly found taking several mobiles of external origin into the country through the airport.