Israel re-arrests, then releases Khader Adnan

Israel re-arrests, then releases Khader Adnan
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14 July, 2015
Israeli occupation arrested Palestinian activist and former hunger striker, Khader Adnan on Monday then freed him again, just a day after he came out of jail.
Khader Adnan was re-arrested one day after being released from an Israeli prison [Reuters]
Israeli police has released Khader Adnan for the second time in two days after he was briefly detained for questioning over his travel to Jerusalem. This comes one day after he was released from prison in a deal ending a 56-day hunger strike.

Adnan was taken into custody near al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City in occupied Jerusalem.

A police spokeswoman said he was detained for lacking an Israeli entry permit and would be 'deported' to the occupied West Bank,

On Sunday, Adnan was released from an Israeli prison after staging a 56-day hunger strike in protest at being held without trial under so-called administrative detention, a method Israel says it employs as a security measure to prevent violence.

"The Israeli occupation was extremely afraid of the rage of the Muslim crowds surrounding the al-Aqsa mosque", said Adnan, according to his Facebook page.

Israel arrested Adnan, 37, last July for the 10th time. Both sides had feared that his death from starvation would hurt a shaky Gaza truce or spur further violence.

Adnan is a known Islamic Jihad figure in the West Bank, captured by Israel in a 1967 war and among territories where Palestinians seek statehood. Like Islamist Hamas, Islamic Jihad opposes peace deals between the Palestinians and Israel and advocates the destruction of Israel.