Israel says it foiled arms smuggling attempt from Jordan

Israeli army says it foiled arms smuggling attempt via Jordan
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16 November, 2021
The Israeli army claimed that on Monday it had foiled an attempt to smuggle arms from via its border with Jordan
The Israeli army said the two were in possession of 11 weapons [Getty]

The Israeli army claimed Monday that it had foiled an attempt to smuggle arms via Jordan.

"In a joint operation between the army and the police, an attempt to smuggle weapons from the Jordanian border in the Jordan Valley area was thwarted," a statement said.

"The monitoring devices of the army and police were able, a short time ago, to identify two people in possession of weapons, at the border with Jordan."

It added that 11 weapons were confiscated, without providing further details on where about in the Jordan Valley the alleged operation took place.

Jordan authorities did not comment on the incident.

Jordan shares a 307 km land border with Israel and 148km border with the Palestinian territories, which is occupied by Israel.

In July, the Israeli army claimed it foiled an arms smuggling operation on the border with Lebanon, seizing a consignment of guns and ammunition worth $800,000.

Israel often violates Lebanese territory by crossing the Blue Line - the 2000 UN demarcation - and bombed the south of the country in August.