Israel-UAE deal 'a boon for Israel defence industries': report

Israel deal 'a boon for Israel defence industries' as UAE thirsts for Israeli weapons
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17 August, 2020
Israel stands to gain economically from last week's deal with the UAE, which has a growing defence budget.
Israeli firms are eyeing potential arms deals with the UAE [Getty]
Israeli defence firms said the UAE-Israel normalisation deal is likely to lead to an increase in the sale of arms, cybersecurity and command-and-control systems to Gulf states, a recent report said.

According to Israeli media reports, the area Israel stands to gain the most economically from UAE ties is defence and cybersecurity.

With an estimated annual defence budget of $23 billion, the UAE is an ideal partner with "deep pockets and an authoritarian regime that can make quick decisions on arms purchases," the report cited Israeli defence sources saying.

The UAE and Israel announced last Thursday that they would normalise relations under a 'historic' US-sponsored deal, making the emirates the third Arab state - after Egypt and Jordan – to form diplomatic ties with the country.

The report claimed under-the-radar weapons sales were already taking place, with prominent Israeli businessmen – including Mati Kochavi, David Meidan, Avi Leumi and Avihai Stolero –  allegedly frequenting the gulf to "sell intelligence-gathering gear, drones, reconnaissance planes, F-16 upgrade services and cybersecurity-hacking technologies."

While the UAE is currently one of the biggest buyers of US military gear alongside Israel, the deal is likely to stir some competition with the US defence industry.

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