Israeli businessman arrested in Jordan returns with Covid-19

Israeli businessman arrested in 'sting operation' in Jordan returns with severe Covid-19 complications
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06 September, 2021
Israeli businessman Yechiel (Chilik) Chaivi was released on bail of 1 million shekels after he contracted coronavirus in a Jordanian prison.
Yechiel (Chilik) Chaivi was transferred to Hadassah University Hospital [Getty]

An Israeli businessman who was arrested in Jordan was brought back to Israel on bail in critical health condition after contracting the coronavirus in prison.

Israeli businessman Yechiel (Chilik) Chaivi, 65, was arrested in Jordan on 9 August after he arrived in the kingdom to conduct a business deal. 

Chaivi was released on bail on Sunday and transferred to Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem, where he will continue to receive treatment.

"His release was made possible thanks to good people who did everything to save his life and did another mitzvah before Rosh Hashanah," Chaivi's son Lior told Ynet, thanking the foreign ministry and the Israeli consul in Jordan. 

His family claims he was framed by a local businessman, who lured him into the country under the pretext of signing a phony business deal.

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While serving his sentence, Chaivi, who has only one semi-functioning lung, caught Covid-19 late August and his health rapidly deteriorated.

His family reached out to Israel's foreign ministry for assistance, and last week a Jordanian judge ordered his release on a bail of one million shekels (US$312,400).

Chaivi is accused of trying to dupe the Jordanian government, during the transfer of a factory in Russia to Jordan.