Israeli forces continue West Bank arrest campaign

Israeli forces continue West Bank arrests, kill Palestinian teen protesting settlements
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11 June, 2021
Israeli forces shot and killed 15-year-old protester Mohammed Said Hamayel near Beita, south of Nablus, after carrying out an arrest campaign across the West Bank
Soldiers detained four members of the same family in Janata, a village east of Bethlehem, after storming and raiding their homes [AFP via Getty]

Israeli forces continued a campaign of arrests across the West Bank on Friday, as troops shot dead a Palestinian teenager protesting a settlement construction.

Soldiers detained four members of the same family in Janata, a village east of Bethlehem, after storming and raiding their homes.

In northern city of Jenin, Israeli forces arrested two youths in the small village of Mira as they attempted to cross a nearby military checkpoint.

Israel frequently carries out arrest raids in the West Bank. Under the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Authority must commit to security coordination with Israel, informing the latter about any armed resistance to the Israeli occupation.

A day prior, hundreds of Palestinians attended the burial of two PA intelligence officers who were shot dead by undercover Israeli forces. The latter had arrived outside the headquarters of the intelligence unit in Jenin on a mission to arrest "suspected terrorists".

The Palestinian Health ministry identified the two officers as Adham Yasser Alawi, and Tayseer Issa.

Another Palestinian, identified as ex-prisoner Jamil al-Amuri, was also killed in the shooting. Israel alleged al-Amuri was a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an armed group based in Gaza. Another man, Wissan Abu Zaid, remains critically injured.

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The incident was labelled a "dangerous escalation" by spokesman for PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Abu Rudaina, who called on the international community to intervene.

On Friday, Israeli forces reportedly shot and killed 15-year-old Mohammed Said Hamayel near Beita, south of Nablus.

Troops opened fire during a a public protest against Israel's construction of settler outpost.

Villages in the West Bank frequently protest construction of settlements, which are deemed illegal under international law, while Israeli forces respond violently with tear gas and live fire.

Last month, Israel bombed the Gaza strip for 11 consecutive days, after armed groups from Gaza fired a rocket into Jerusalem in response to continued Israeli raids on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and threats of forced expulsion against Palestinian families.