Israeli forces raid hospital in search of Palestinian man

Israeli forces raid Jerusalem hospital in search of Palestinian man they shot
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10 July, 2021
Israeli forces raided Makassed Hospital in search of a Palestinian man they critically injured in Silwan.
The shooting took place in Silwan [Getty]

Israeli forces raided Makassed Hospital on the Mount of Olives in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday evening in search of a young man they had earlier shot and critically injured in Silwan

Palestinians were attacked by Israeli forces in Silwan after occupation forces carried out a mass raid in the village the night before prompting rallies.

Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters Palestinians in the overcrowded neighbourhood as some men set fire to a pole where the forces had installed surveillance cameras to watch the people in Silwan, Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

They also attacked a truck that shoots skunk water after arriving in the neighbourhood to spray the homes and streets with foul water, Wafa added.

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Witnesses said some Palestinians threw firebombs at vehicles used by the raiding Israeli forces. In response, Israeli forces open fire, injuring at least one Palestinian who was taken to Makassed hospital with critical wounds.

His father, Nidal al-Rajbi, told The New Arab's Arabic language site that his son was returning home when he was wounded by a live bullet randomly fired by an Israeli soldier.

After he was admitted, Israeli forces loudly raided the hospital in search of him, causing panic among patients.

This comes as Israeli forces continue their campaign to demolish Palestinian homes in the East Jerusalem village.

Al-Bustan, home to about 1,500 people, is under threat of being completely wiped out to make way for an Israeli archaeological park.

Residents have urged international solidarity to pressure Israel to halt the demolitions.

The #SaveSilwan hashtag has been trending on a number of major social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

Israeli courts have dismissed documents dating to Ottoman times presented by Palestinian families showing ownership of homes in Batn Al-Hawa, which is also part of East Jerusalem’s Silwan district.

Rights groups, including Amnesty International, have demanded the evictions in Silwan be stopped.

Israel's forced expulsions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem sparked international protests earlier this year as attention focused on the attempted expulsion of residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.