Israeli woman desecrates grave of IDF soldier

Israeli woman 'desecrated grave' of IDF soldier killed during raid on Palestinian village
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19 May, 2020
Amit Ben Ygal, who served in the elite Golan Bridage of the Israeli army, died after being struck by a rock during a raid on a Palestinian village last Tuesday.
Israeli police obtained footage showing the woman digging at the grave ''for hours'' [Getty]
Israeli police on Monday arrested a woman after obtaining footage which showed her digging away ''for several hours'' at the grave of an IDF soldier killed in a raid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories last week, Ynet have reported.

On Thursday, the IDF issued a statement in which they said that "excavation marks" had been found at the gravesite, only two days after the soldier's funeral.

Amit Ben Ygal, who served in the elite Golan Bridage of the Israeli army, was killed after being allegedly struck by a rock during a raid on the West Bank village of Yaabad last Tuesday.

The army returned to the town, raiding homes and firing tear gas and live ammunition at protesting villagers - in response to the IDF's first fatality of the year. 

A four-day search for the woman suspected of vandalising the soldier's grave ended on Sunday, while a manhunt for the rock thrower is ongoing.

Israeli police identified the suspect as 41-year-old Rishon Lezion, who they believe suffered from mental illness. The desecration was not spurred by "criminal or nationalist" intent, Ynet news report.

According the an IDF Spokesperson, the grave will now be sealed and Golani soldiers will guard the area.

"Defence Ministry personnel have been guarding Staff Seargant Amit Ben Yigal's gravesite ever since we became aware of the incident", the statement read.

On Saturday, Israeli forces shot three Palestinians in the occupied village of Abu Dis, on the evening of Nakba Day, which marks the declaration of the state of Israel in Palestine 72 years ago.

The incident came days after soldiers shot and killed 15-year-old Palestinian, Zaid Qaisia, at the Al Fuwar refugee camp near the city of Hebron.

The deaths come as Israel is poised to annex much of the occupied West Bank, despite warnings from the Palestinians that the move will kill the prospects of lasting peace. 

Agencies contributed to this report.

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