Jordan MP refuses to get up from PM seat over price hikes

Jordanian lawmaker denies PM his seat in parliament in protest over increasing prices
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04 August, 2021
A Jordanian MP caused uproar in parliament after he refused to allow the prime minister to take his seat.
The MP sat in the prime minister's seat at a general session of the Jordanian parliament and refused to get up [Getty]

A Jordanian MP refused to leave the prime minister's seat in parliament on Wednesday, in a protest over the government's price hikes.

In a scene unprecedented in the Jordanian parliament, MP Imad Al-Adwan seized the seat of Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh and refused to give it up during a parliamentary session, in protest of the government’s policy of raising prices on essentials.

"We are the People’s Assembly and we will not allow you to sit under the dome. The people are the source of authority, and we will not allow you to take unjust decisions against the Jordanian people, and we regret (to tell you) we cannot receive you," said Al-Adwan, directing his speech to the premier.

"You cannot address me in this way, neither you nor anybody else," Al-Khasawneh responded.

Despite attempts by fellow deputies to convince him to vacate the chair, Al-Adwan refused, with Parliament Speaker Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat accused the MP of sabotaging the session.