Jordan thwarts 'terrorist operation' against US, Israeli embassies

Jordanian intelligence thwarts 'terrorist operation' against US and Israeli embassy staff
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12 November, 2019
Jordanian intelligence foiled a plan by two suspected militants against the US and Israeli embassies, as well as a US military base in southern Jordan.
Jordanian intelligence services have foiled the plans of two suspected militants [Getty]
Jordan has foiled a planned terror attack on US and Israeli diplomats in their respective embassies as well as US soldiers at a military base in the south of the country, Jordanian newspaper al Rai reported on Tuesday.

Jordanian intelligence managed to thwart the suspected militant's attack in which they were planning to drive vehicles into their victims armed with guns and knives.

The suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorist acts and have been referred to the State Security Court.

According to al-Rai, their trial began on Sunday. Both the defendants pleaded not guilty.

The defendants are friends, according to the indictment, and in 2015, were following the developments of Islamic State through social media platform Telegram.

It was in the past year that the two suspected militants decided to attack the US and Israeli embassies, as well as the military base in al-Jafr.

Meanwhile, a man accused of stabbing eight people Wednesday, including four tourists, in Jordan is set to soon appear before a military prosecutor and could be charged with "terrorism".

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Jordan is a relatively stable country but is subject to sporadic attacks.

A series of attacks by militants in the southern Jordanian city of Kerak in 2016 left 14 people dead.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic State group and 10 people were later convicted of carrying out the assault. Two were sentenced to death.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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