Jordanian engineers union sparks diplomatic scandal with Israeli flag protest

Jordanian engineers union sparks diplomatic scandal with Israeli flag protest
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30 December, 2018
A Jordanian minister has sparked fury in Israel, after she was seen walking on a painted mural of the Israeli flag.
Ghunaimat's protest has sparked anger in Israel [Twitter]
An Israeli flag welcoming visitors to a trade union offices in Amman has sparked fury in Israel, after a Jordanian minister was seen walking over the flag, which is painted on the floor at the entrance to the complex.

Media and Communications Minister Jumana Ghneimat was photographed stepping on the Israeli flag, as she was greeted by Jordanian engineers and union officials on the weekend.

The engineers' union said the flag is displayed on the floor to protest against Jordan normalisation of ties with Israel and the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Graphic footprints dot the Israeli flag to encourage visitors to show display their distaste at Israel by walking over the national symbol.

Jordan's Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz opted for the more diplomatic route to the meeting with Jordanian engineers, via the union complex's side entrance.

The decision sparked angry exchanges in the meeting with some engineers accusing Razzaz of supporting the "Zionist entity" by using the side door, according to Israeli media.

The photo of Ghneimat at the union sparked angry protests in Israel at the apparent insult to the country's national flag.

"The foreign affairs ministry considers the incident in which a Jordanian minister insulted the Israeli flag in Amman as serious," Israel's government said in a statement.
Jordan and Israel normalised ties in 1994, but periodic disputes have arisen following the Palestinian Intifadas and Israeli military offensives in Gaza.

Much of Jordan's population remain opposed to the country's political normalisation with Israel.

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