Kuwait opens investigation into missing Quran pages

Kuwait opens investigation into missing Quran pages
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24 May, 2021
A copy of the Quran with missing pages has sparked an investigation in Kuwait.
The printing and distribution of Quran's in Kuwait is controlled by the authorities [Getty]

Prosecutors in Kuwait have opened an investigation into an unauthorised and incomplete copy of the Quran. 

Islamic authorities were alerted to the incomplete copy following the release of a video, featuring a man showing the missing parts of the Quran

The offending Quran was missing Surat An Nasaa [the Chapter of The Women], and it was suggested that the chapter was never included in the book, rather than being removed after printing. 

"This Quran copy is incomplete. There are no traces that sheets of paper have been torn up," says the man in the video, whose face is not shown. 

The man then calls on the minister of Awqaf and Islamic affairs to investigate the missing pages. 

An investigation has now been opened by the public prosecution, who will try to determine who is responsible for the incomplete Quran and hold them to account. 

In Kuwait, the printing and circulation of the Quran is approved by Kuwait’s General Authority for Printing and Publication of the Holy Quran. It stated that the incomplete copy had not been approved by them. 

Copies of the Quran printed outside Kuwait and imported into the country are also subject to approval by the authorities. 

Mubarak Al-Hayan, a spokesman for the General Authority, said that the public prosecution was investigating the incident and that steps were being taken to identify the people responsible for the incomplete copy.