Lebanese army receives food aid from Qatar

Lebanese army receives food aid from Qatar amid economic meltdown
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08 November, 2021
Qatar sent another shipment of food aid to the Lebanese army as it struggles with Lebanon's economic meltdown
The economic crisis has taken a heavy toll on the Lebanese army [Getty]

The Lebanese army received 70 tonnes of food aid from Qatar on Sunday as Lebanon’s economic meltdown takes a toll on the military institution.

Sunday's delivery was the fifth shipment from Qatar since July, as the emirate has vowed to help the army for a year in light of the severe financial and economic crisis.

The army thanked Qatar for its donation.

Members of Lebanon's armed forces have often had to take on additional work elsewhere, as the Lebanese pound continues to plummet against the US dollar.

The currency collapse means soldiers are earning less than $100 a month when exchanging to the USD.

In July, Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Joseph Aoun warned that the crisis is jeopardising the future of the military.

US President Joe Biden authorised in September an aid package worth $47 million to be provided to the Lebanese army immediately.