Lebanese security forces seize fresh ammonium nitrate find

Lebanese authorities seize 20 tonnes of ammonium nitrate
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08 October, 2021
In the third such operation announced by Lebanese security in weeks, tonnes of ammonium nitrate were found and seized in a Bekaa village
Tonnes of ammonium nitrate have been seized in recent weeks in Lebanon's Bekaa region [AFP/Getty]

Lebanese security forces seized several tonnes of ammonium nitrate in the country’s Bekaa region on Friday, in the third such operation announced in weeks.

The State Security agency raided a storage unit in the Western Bekaa village of Haouch El Harimeh where it found 20 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, according to local media.

Samples were taken to be examined in a laboratory to check the levels of nitrogen in them.

No further details were given.

While the chemical compound is predominantly used in agriculture as a high nitrogen fertiliser, it is sometimes an ingredient in the manufacture of explosives.

Earlier this week, the Lebanese army seized over 28 thousand kilograms in the northeastern border town of Arsal.

Another 20 tonnes were found and confiscated in a security bust last month in the northern Bekaa governorate also.

Several arrests have been made since.

Investigations are looking into whether the chemicals seized are related to the ammonium nitrate which caused the massive explosion at the Beirut port last year, which killed over 200 people and heavily damaged swathes of the capital.

The inquiry into the blast has faced major hurdles as some political factions refused to cooperate with the investigative judge, accusing him of bias.

No charges have been made in the inquiry.