Lebanon arrests man for attempting to 'sell' Nigerian worker

Lebanon arrests man for trying to 'sell' Nigerian domestic worker on Facebook
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23 April, 2020
Lebanon's security forces detained a man who put up a Nigerian domestic worker he was employing "for sale" on social media.
There are around 250,000 migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, according to estimates [AFP]
A man was arrested in Lebanon for putting up a Nigerian woman he is employing "for sale" on a Facebook 'Buy and Sell' group, authorities said on Thursday.

Lebanon's General Security warned employers of domestic workers to "refrain from posting advertisements related to workers" or face prosecution for human trafficking offences. 

The man – identified by Lebanese outlet The Daily Star as Wael Jerro – had posted a photo of the woman's passport on the Facebook group.

The post was later removed, while screenshots remained in circulation on social media. 

"A domestic worker of Nigerian nationality is up for sale, along with new residence and legal documents. Thirty years old, clean and very active," Jerro wrote on the group, pricing the worker at $1,000.

The public security agency said they were investigating the incident with the detainee. 

Lebanon's domestic workers are excluded from labour laws and fall under the notorious kafala system, dubbed by activists as a system enabling "modern day slavery".

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