Liverpool superstar Mo Salah filmed sleeping on plane floor

Watch: Liverpool superstar Mo Salah filmed sleeping on plane floor in hilarious video
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21 May, 2019
Mo Salah is rarely caught napping on the pitch.
Salah was caught kipping on a plane to Spain [Getty]
Egyptian star Mo Salah has been caught taking 40 winks on a flight to Spain, in a hilarious video shared by Liverpool teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on social media on Monday.

Salah was on a trip to Marbella, Spain with the Liverpool team when midfielder Oxlade-Chamberlain posted a cheeky video of the Liverpool striker curled up on the jet floor covered with a blanket trying to take a quick nap.

"Like a baby, sleeping like a baby," Oxlade-Chamberlain says to the camera, in the video shared on the Liverpool player's Instagram story.

"Look at this guy, he doesn't know what to do. His friend's gone to sleep... he doesn't know where to go, what do, look at him," the midfielder tells Salah's teammate Dejan Lovren, as he wanders down the aisle.

"It's alright, there are other people in the team as well," he adds.

The next scene shows a small crowd huddled around Salah as he sleeps, who is rarely caught napping on the field.

"The Egyptian king, look at him. This is what Egyptian kings do, just hit their z'ds," Oxlade-Chamberlain tells the camera, referring to Salah's nickname.

Salah has become hugely popular in Liverpool due to his prowess on the field and down-to-earth nature off it.

The Egyptian striker has racked up the most goals in the Premier League for two seasons in a row and has become Liverpool's most valued player.

Liverpool supporters at Anfield cheered Salah's daughter as she kicked the ball into the net at the end of the last game of the season.