Map of secret Israeli military bases published by accident

Map of secret Israeli military bases published by accident
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23 March, 2021
The locations of secret Israeli bases were accidentally included on a map that detail coronavirus testing centres.
The map has now been removed [Getty]

The Israeli military mistakenly published a map that includes the names and locations of most of its bases, including secret locations, according to reports this week. 

The mistake occurred when the map, which was to detail the locations of coronavirus testing centres, was uploaded to the National Emergency Portal by the Home Front Command of the Israeli military, Haaretz reported. 

The map detailing classified information was removed when the command was questioned about the map. 

Along with the location of Covid-19 testing centres in residential areas also included were Israeli army facilities and bases used by the Israeli Air Force and Military Intelligence.

The maps even detail the bases' precise boundaries despite such information usually being declassified due to fears it could be used by Israel's enemies. 

A spokesperson confirmed to Haaretz that the map was published erroneously and has now been removed from the website. 

In a statement, they explained that the map was from "a civilian website that provides global public services for making maps accessible around the world and in Israel".

"Marking the IDF camps and bases was not done by the military, but copied from the existing map on the website," it added.

Israel has recorded 820,000 Covid-19 cases and 6,109 deaths but its successful vaccine programme has seen cases rapidly retreat.

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