Microsoft deepens investment in Qatar with opening of new office

Microsoft deepens investment in Qatar with opening of new office
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27 June, 2022
Qatar has provided a welcoming environment to Microsoft in recent years, welcoming investments in the data sector in a bid to create jobs and diversify an oil-dependent economy.
Microsoft just opened a fourth set of offices in Qatar. [Getty]

Microsoft opened new offices in Qatar on Sunday and announced it would launch its new regional datacenter within the coming two weeks, as part of expanding investments in the country.

The company opened its fourth and largest offices at the Burj Al Fardan in Lusail City.

"Microsoft has been deeply rooted in Qatar and our commitment to help grow Qatar’s innovation economy has never been stronger," Lana Khalaf, General Manager at Microsoft Qatar, told journalists during a media visit of the new offices on Sunday.

"With the launch of our new offices and our Customer Innovation Center, customers and partners will have the opportunity to co-innovate, ideate and envision ground breaking solutions that will revolutionise their industries," Khalaf added.

Microsoft also announced it will soon launch its Microsoft Cloud Datacenter Region within the coming two weeks.

Qatar's Ministry of Transport and Communications and Microsoft unveiled plans for the centre in 2019, in a bid to bring new economic opportunities and attract business and partners to Qatar.

The datacenter would be part of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world, already serving more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses. 

The Gulf nation wants to boost its technology sector and diversify its oil-dependent economy towards becoming a knowledge-based economy.