Moroccan actor arrested for mocking Islam

Moroccan actor arrested for allegedly mocking Islam
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27 May, 2020
Moroccan actor Rafik Boubker told people 'to make their ablution with wine and perform prayers with whiskey'.
Rafik Boubaker was arrested for insulting Islam in an Instagram Live video [Arab21]
Moroccan authorities arrested an actor on Tuesday evening after he allegedly insulted Islam in a video clip widely shared on social media, Arabi21 reported.

Moroccan actor Rafik Boubker appeared to mock mosques and Friday sermons on Instagram Live on Monday, with a number of his friends.

"We are at the mosque since bars are closed because of the lockdown. The bar of the mosque," Boubker said in the video according to Morrocan World News.

He reportedly told people "to make their ablution with wine and perform prayers with whiskey".

The actor appears drunk in the video. The comments sparked angry reactions in Morocco.

Boubker has since released a video in which he apologised to Moroccans, saying that he had been wrong, not in his right mind and that he was a Muslim.

Casablanca's public prosecutor has opened an investigation into Boubker.

Security authorities said that they had monitored "digital content published on social media, in which the suspect... insulted the Islamic religion and violated the sanctity of acts of worship".

The authorities added that an investigation was opened after complaints were received regarding the video.

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