Morocco and Israel sign defence MOU in Rabat

Morocco and Israel sign defence MOU in Rabat, Israeli spokesperson says
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24 November, 2021
Morocco and Israel signed a defence agreement in Rabat, which will lead the way for military sales and cooperation.
Morocco and Israel formalised defence ties [Getty]

Morocco and Israel signed a defence memorandum in Rabat on Wednesday, an Israeli defence spokesperson said, opening the way for possible military sales and cooperation after the countries upgraded diplomatic ties last year.

The document was signed during a visit by Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz, who was scheduled to hold talks with Abdellatif Loudiyi, Morocco's defence administration minister, and other officials.

Departing for Rabat on Tuesday, Gantz told reporters he was embarking on "the first formal visit" by an Israeli defence minister to Morocco - implicit acknowledgement of discreet relations dating back decades.

A source briefed on Wednesday's classified MOU said it does not stipulate specific defence deals, but rather provides a legal and regulatory framework for such deals in the future.