Morocco bans customary kissing of king's hand amid coronavirus

Morocco bans customary kissing of Mohammed VI's hand to protect him from coronavirus
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13 March, 2020
Judges sworn in to Morocco's constitutional court did not approach King Mohammed VI and kiss his hand, as is normally customary.
Appointees did not kiss the hand of Morocco's King Mohammed VI [YouTube/TAOURIRTPRESS]
Morocco has banned the customary kissing of King Mohammed VI's hand to protect the royal from coronavirus.

It is customary for appointees to kiss the hand of King Mohammed VI when they are sworn in at royal ceremonies.

But a video released on Thursday shows officials bowing to the king rather than approaching him to kiss his hand.

Thursday's ceremony saw judges for the constitutional court take their oath, Mosaique FM reported.

The change in royal protocol comes amid the continued spread of novel coronavirus, which originated in China at the end of last year.

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Morocco reported its seventh case of coronavirus on Friday.

The country has suspended flights to and from Italy, Spain and Algeria as a precautionary measure, Morocco World News reported.

Religious events have also been cancelled.

Since the novel coronavirus first emerged in late December, more than 135,640 cases have been recorded in 122 countries and territories, killing 5,043 people, according to an AFP tally compiled midday on Friday.

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