Morocco denies Islamic studies have been removed from exams

Morocco education ministry denies removing Islamic studies from exams after online uproar
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17 September, 2021
The Moroccan ministry of education has denied removing Islamic education from the country's official exams after social media uproar.
News circulated that Islamic studies were removed from the official exams [Getty]

Reports that Islamic studies have been removed from national exams in Morocco have prompted the country's education ministry to deny the claims in an official statement.

The ministry responded to news circulated by activists and media reports which claimed that the subject of Islamic education was removed from primary and secondary school exams as part of new procedures coming into effect this academic year.

“The procedures did not include any changes or modifications to the status of the subjects… Including the subject of Islamic education, which has always been a component of the Arabic language test,” a statement clarified.

The rumours caused widespread controversy, with some taking to social media to reject the alleged decision, while others sounded approval.

This comes after Islamists in Morocco suffered a crushing defeat to liberal rivals in the country’s parliamentary elections last week.