Muslim Brotherhood denies links to Palestinian-Israeli party

Muslim Brotherhood denies links to Palestinian-Israeli party following coalition agreement
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07 June, 2021
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has strongly denied any link to Mansour Abbas's United Arab List Party after it agreed to a controversial coalition government deal with Israeli politicians.
Mansour Abbas's UAL agreed to join a coalition to form a new Israeli government [AFP/Getty Images]

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has denied any connection to Palestinian-Israeli Knesset member Mansour Abbas, who leads the Islamist United Arab List (UAL).

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Talaat Fahmy said that the movement strongly denied reports in the media which claimed that it was linked with Abbas's UAL.

"The Brotherhood confirms that it has no ideological or organisational link with this movement," in reference to UAL.

On Friday, the UAL announced that it would be joining two Israeli political parties - centrist Yesh Atid and far-right Yamina - to form a coalition government in Israel, ousting longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Naftali Bennett, the leader of Yamina, has previously expressed opposition to any Palestinian state and boasted of "killing Arabs". He is expected to serve as prime minister in the coalition government, with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid taking his place after two years.

Saleh Lutfi, a member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's follow-up committee, criticised Abbas, saying that what he did in light of recent Israeli attacks in Jerusalem and Gaza was "abnormal".

Abbas has also faced a lot of criticism from Palestinians over his decision.

The UAL says that its participation in the coalition government will improve conditions for Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, who make up 20% of Israel's population.